Event Center FAQs

How much is it to rent the space?

We offer a 6 hour and 12 hour rental. Our overall rental price varies depending on length of rental, ceremonies and food and beverage selections.

Click here to view the rates.

How do I see the Event Center availability?

Click here to view the event calendar.

How do I book the Event Center?

Click here to contact our Event Center Administration. We will send you documents and forms to submit.

Can I bring in our own food?

Unfortunately we do not allow outside catering or food to be brought into the facility with the expection of wedding cakes and specialty desserts. Click here to view our catering offerings.

What amenities do you offer?

Click here to view what the Event Center offers.

Can I customize the space the way I want?

Absolutely! We ask for general direction where you would like table and chair layouts. After that you can bring in your own directions, setup, or even hire vendors to do the work for you! Our Event Space is really a blank canvas for you to make your own!

Can we bring in our own tables and chairs?

We do not allow outside furniture to be brought into the event space. Coverings are great!

Do you have a video walkthrough?

We sure do!

Click here to view a video preview.

Click here to view a 3d walkthrough.


Do you have a gallery of the Event Center?

Yes! Click here to take you to the gallery.